How To T56 Rebuilding tips and procedure. This page goes trough my experience rebuilding a few T56 and instructions.  It contains links to detailed processes and where you may get replacement parts. Stock 10 bolt to 9” Moser replacement.   After breaking 3 stock 10 bolt, I decided my stubbornness was misplaced and I purchased a Moser 9”.  Here you will see my experience at replacing it and some valuable links to help you out doing yours. Heads and cam swap procedure. “MORE POWER”  Well, this is one of the first mod on an LS1’s which gains noticeable power and truly makes the car more interesting to drive.  For street use, keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better.  More loop and bumps might actually make the car less enjoyable in a daily driver setup. Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. Dean Meconse