About About myself I was born in Maniwaki, QC, Canada on February 12, 1971. My parents and I moved to Hawkesbury, ON, Canada in 1984.  I eventually studied at Ottawa U. where I met my wife.  In 1997,  we moved to Toronto for employment reasons and have been in the GTA ever since.  We now live in the suburbs of Brampton in a new development area.  Lots are a tad smaller but the houses are fantastic and the crescent is nonchalant.  My first track outing was in July 2004 at ST- Thomas, Ont.  fully stock on all seasons tires. The Hawk performed with only a 13.78 @ 102.5.  Not bad for a first time but the bug hit me and it only took me 2 months to go back again at ST-Thomas to get my best stock time of 13.47 @ 106.1.  Since then, I’ve been to ST-Thomas and TMP numerous time throughout the years.  2010 was a big year for me since it’s the year I decided to dedicate the Hawk to drag racing only.  Prior to that, the Hawk was my daily driver. I have always been an F-Body fan, from the first vehicle I purchased (1979 Camaro) in 1986 to an 89 white IROC-Z followed by an 83 red Formula to eventually purchase the 2000 silver Firehawk.  This Firehawk was a “love at first sight”.  Oct 02, 2002 was when I got it used from a dealership in Kitchener, Ontario, with only 35000 KMs on the odometer.  The only missing parts where the Firehawk wheels since they where stolen off the car right at the dealership.  I purchased some Trans Am stock twisties in the meantime and drove to Kitchener with my wife to pick it up.  This car is a eye catcher and it didn’t take me long to notice how many people was checking it out while I drove it.   Numerous mods have been completed on the Hawk since then.  This machine is for drag racing only and love every second of it.  I do my own mods on the car and will never do otherwise.  1/2 the fun I have with this vehicle is actually tinkering with it.  The other 1/2 is a 1/4 mile at a time and seeing the hard work results on the timeslips. Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved. Dean Meconse